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Parts finder

parts finder

Search for every single Sonett part by original Saab part number or description; limit your search by model if you wish. Search results are linked to detailed exploded part drawings … essential for every serious Sonett owner. View the complete library exploded part drawings with part reference links. Read and comment on the special Sonett topics blog

Sonett finder

sonett finder

The Register my Sonett form submits your vehicle for review and addition to the worldwide Sonett Registry (this is also available under the My account menu.

Sonett Registry search provides powerful tools to look for any Sonett by valuation, production year, model type, and vehicle condition. If relevant, a valuation profile is provided about the group of Sonetts picked in your search.

To research a particular Sonett, try VIN lookup. Registry and online advertising data is included in the instant online report.

The Classified ad mash collects recent online listings from eBay, Craigslist, Hemmings, and other Saab sites. Overall asking price trends as shown as well.



Under the Community menu, access the worldwide Q&A as well as a Member directory. The directory displays all member profiles with “public” privacy settings and uploaded cover images. If your profile is set to “private” or you choose not to upload a cover image, your profile will not be shown in the directory.

The directory has full social media links so you can communicate with other members easily.

More tools


Download items from the SaabSonett.org library for free. This includes brochures, owner manuals, specialized ebooks, and other materials in digital format.

Check out the library of Sonett market trends, including model pricing, online advertising market share, and geographic patterns.

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my account

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