Saab Sonett Service Log

service log cover

Finally! A really convenient way to keep all your Saab Sonett service records in one place, and it fits in the glove compartment, too! Track oil changes, tire pressure, winter fuel stabilizer dates, fuel economy, clutch and brake fluid levels, air filter replacements, routine maintenance, repairs, and even major restoration work. Handy 3.5 x 5.5″ journal notebook with 48 pre-formatted checklist pages. Room for important information like VIN number, paint color, Sonett service vendors and begin/end mileage. Keep your Sonett running the organized way!

Exclusive creation by for Sonett enthusiasts everywhere.


Sonett Electric Owners Manual

Sonett Electric

A comprehensive 64-page guide to the conversion of a 1969 Sonett V4 to electric drive. Based on the original Sonett V4 Owners Manual published in 1967 by Saab AB, this revised guide covers all the new electric technology, including the lithium battery pack, electric AC50 alternating current motor and Curtis controller, regenerative braking, and all-new digital instrumentation.

Extensive Appendix and complete wiring diagrams for the 5-, 12- and 130-volt circuits. Soft cover with full color illustrations, 9×7″ format.


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Sonett Valuation Guide

Valuation Guide

The Sonett Valuation Guide, a full color 29-page paperback in 9×7″ format, offers the most exhaustive discussion of the Saab Sonett marketplace anywhere. Compiled by Kriss Motors, this unique resource exclusively taps databases to provide insights for owners, collectors, restorers, and prospective buyers. Print-on-demand book shipped by Lulu Press. All proceeds benefit


[NOTE: Upgraded Concours level members can download the digital PDF version free: see DOWNLOAD LIBRARY menu item]

1966 Sonett dash jigsaw puzzle

1966 Sonett dash puzzle

The original wood dash of the 1966 Saab Sonett II turned into a 8×10″ 110-piece jigsaw puzzle provides a different kind of automotive challenge. Perfect gift (puzzle comes in a box with the wood dash photo printed on the lid) and fun for all ages. This cardboard puzzle is exclusively made for and all proceeds benefit this site. Something unique for Sonett enthusiasts and collectors.

Also available in 11×14″ 252-piece size for $21.20.


Sonett key ring


Vintage steering wheel and dash instrument image inset in a 1.44″ bronze-plated ring with “Saab Sonett” inscription. Perfect for all those door, gas cap, ignition, and trunk keys. All proceeds benefit This is a unique product only sold by us through Zazzle. Saab did not provide a key fob back in the 1960s, so here’s your chance to make up for that!


Old School shop apron

shop apron

When you need to work on the Sonett and don’t want to change into your grimy clothes, this Old School long style shop apron is ready to protect against oil drips, road grit, whatever. Machine washable 35/65 cotton-poly blend, 30″ length x 24″ wide apron front. Classic khaki color with two large side pockets perfect for tools, nuts/bolts, and small parts.

Printed “Saab Sonett Mechanic On Duty” front and old fashioned ties for the back.


Sonett garage pen


$11.00 for two pens
Not a necessity, but really useful around the shop or garage. Ever drop a black pen on a dirty, greasy floor? You get the point. With its bright yellow body and clear label, you’ll never be without a garage pen again.


Sonett black t-shirt


Black cotton t-shirt featuring blue Saab Sonett front hood image with Saab Sonett 1966-1974 text on front and text on back. All proceeds benefit Every size available. Designed by and sold exclusively through Zazzle.


Sonett emergency road kit

Road kit

What do you put in the rear luggage compartment of the Sonett? And will it fit? This practical emergency road kit is the perfect duffle size — 20 x 9″ — for the Sonett’s compact behind-the-fuel-tank space. Stuff it with repair tools, road flares, spare parts, or even travel clothes.

Comes in basic colors just like the vintage Sonett: black, white, blue, green, white, and purple with Burnt Orange lettering: “Saab Sonett Emergency Road Kit”.

Machine washable, 100% nylon with webbing dual straps and zipper closure.